Birthday Celebrations

{each of the kidlets at their last birthdays}

I love birthdays! I mean what's not to like...there is cake and presents and excitement!  I love it all!

Usually my own excitement and love of all things birthday translates into crazy (but fun) parties for the kids, but this year we've decided to do things differently around here.  Our kids are not having friend parties this year.  Instead each will have cake with the families as usual and then have a special date with one friend of their choice (I'm sure Olivia's friend will be me, but maybe we can talk Fin into a day at the Children's Museum?).

Why have we decided on this plan?
1) The friend factor - EJ goes to school with a bunch of kids from another neighborhood.  Everyone there is her friend & she really doesn't talk about anyone more than anyone else.  We know one kid there personally.  Jack, on the other hand, has too many actual friends.  Every year its a semi-new set of classmates, so we now have 3 rooms of good friends.  Both situations make it tricky to pick a small-sized group of party guests.

2) We've slowed down - Well, maybe just I've slowed down, but this Winter is turning me into a bit of a hermit.  I'm enjoying just snuggling up at home with my little family and doing my own thing.  Party planning isn't high on my list of things I feel like doing right now.  I realize Jack's birthday will be after I'm all pepped up from Summer weather, but we have to make things fair!

3) March and April are crazy! - I just counted and we have 14 family & friend birthdays in March & April (including EJ, Olivia and 4 of my nieces).  That's a whole lot of celebrating, shopping, and crafting.  I'd like to be sure enjoying happens too!

To be honest, they are all really excited about this idea.  EJ & I have been working on the plans for her big day already and Jack is brainstorming a full 6 months ahead of the game. 

So, have any of you celebrated your kiddo's birthday with a bestie date day?  What did your kids choose to do?  Did either of you miss having a party?
Nellie Design said...

Just when I'm starting to promote my "printable parties" to throw big crazy parties! haha! But seriously, I LOVE this idea, SO understand your reasoning behind it, think it is amazingly personal for each kiddo AND know Fin would be SO down with a date with Miss O!

heather said...

Don't worry...the parties will definitely be back Nellie! Just taking a year off. And your printable parties are SO cute!!! I'll definitely be shopping those!!!

Jackie said...

I love that fact we almost did it last year with Owen and I definitely think we will this year. As much as I also love the party planning, I have the same issues as you. April is tough..and this year it's especially tough with a "day after Easter bday"..go figure. and I always have more in me in August but I think you are right...must be fair! And let's face it...they still get to do something so you still get a little bit of the planning part in there but you don't have to do it for a whole crowd. I know one little girl that is very excited for a special friend birthday :)

Karri said...

EEk! No Heather ideas to steal from this year?! What will I do!?

Fo reals, though...each year, the parties get smaller and smaller. And yes, this year we did give Aidan the option of picking 1 friend and doing something more extravagant w/ that one person, and while he mulled over it, he chose not to do it. But frankly, I think I may make the kids do it for their 8th/10th birthdays, because 5 birthday parties a year (1 friend party for each + 2 family parties) tends to break the bank.
And really...the older they get, the more intimate the group of friends becomes. At least, its been that way w/ Aidan.

Rachel said...

I remember only having one or two "BIG" birthday parties as a kid. (Like with a clown and favors and stuff).
Most birthdays were my 4 -5 best girlfriends having a sleepover. ...i don't even remember if there was cake or not!
So, if my childhood is any kind of a metric (not that i'm insinuating that it should be), then you're already way ahead of the curve! :-)

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