A Discovery at the Craft Store

EJ always wants to do exactly what Jack is doing, and lately that has been creating with perler beads.  Every evening she patiently stands next to Jack's chair "just watching Jackie" but you can see in her eyes that she wants to be doing it too.  Matt made each of the girls a gift (a butterfly & a panda) to distract them a bit, but...while she loves her butterfly, it doesn't seem to be enough.

So you can only imagine the happy dance/freak out I had when I happened upon these Biggie Beads at the craft store!  I seriously did not even know these existed!  I showed them to the family at dinner and EJ was so excited!!!!  She can't wait to get her little fingers on these completely manageable-sized beads.  I can't wait to see what she creates (and how these bad boys melt too...they're huge!).

{top is Jack's regular perler beads, bottom is the Biggie Beads}
Karri said...

I think they are new, because I only saw them this last time I was in Michaels in that aisle. Its about time, though. We heart pearler beads!

Deserter said...

EJ asked to do it as soon as she finished breadkfast. Sorry I had to bail and leave you with the chore of helping her finish!

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