Five on Friday

Yep, I totally made that up!  But I have a couple of random things to say today, so just go with it...just this once.

1) I am now the proud owner of a valid Driver's License that bears my actual weight (You all thought I was going to lie again didn't you? Yeah, I may have considered it).  I went with Olivia and she is now the only person EVER to get upset about LEAVING the DMV!  I'm not quite sure what the attraction was, but I will admit it was a smooth experience all around.

2) I made this Chicken Marsala Wrap last night for dinner and oh my yummy!!!  Seriously, Matt & I were debating have more all evening long.  Definitely going in the rotation (even if it does mean I have to make a different meal for the kids.  It's that good!).
{not a pic of my own version though...this is from the recipe creator herself!}

3) Jack and I are going to see E. T. this weekend.  I can't wait!  I really hope he likes it, but I know we'll have a great time even if he doesn't!

4) I have been loving reading memoirs lately!  Over the past few months I've read Open, The Kids Are All Right, A Little Bit Wicked, Eat Pray Love, and a few from "celebrities" I'm not going to name.  I'm currently reading Unbearable Lightness and Life Would Be Perfect If I Lived in That House.  Loving them both...but today my friend Kristen posted about this book and I can't wait!  I know all of you are closet Little House fans too...admit it!

5) I had a couple of requests for additional photos of Duff and the kids hanging out.  Here are a few of my favorites...the middle pic is Duff showing off his strength by lifting both girls.
{photos courtesy of James Conway Photography}
Jackie said...

darn it, you beat me to that wrap. i am even MORE enticed now! and i love the duff pics :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, what did you expect Olivia to do? She's already had the keys to the car and was practicing putting them in the ignition....she probably wanted her license now too. Poor baby, she was this close!

Sandy Ploy said...

OK, Chicken Marsala is one of my trying this. Also glad you put up more Duff shots...they are so fun. xoxo

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