Gumball Necklaces With A Twist

This past week this gumball necklace tutorial has been everywhere!  So cute right?  I was inspired to try myself and when I found two boxes of the perfect size gumballs in my pantry, I decided it was meant to be.  The tutorial is for Valentine's Day themed necklaces, but the other colors in my box were perfect for a little Super Bowl spirit!

I had enough for necklaces for both girls and bracelets for the other girls at our Super Bowl gathering too!

The "jewelry" was a nice addition to their outfits on game day, especially given that they don't have official Packer shirts.  EJ was so proud to pose, but this looks like the worst school portrait ever right?

And with the other gumball colors we made some Valentine's gumball jewelry too.  These are my favorite traditional looks, but we made some fun combinations too.

This was a pretty simple project, but I did develop a short list of tips in case you want to attempt it yourself.
*Do not hold the gumball with your fingers!  I had an accident (ouch!) and then developed a great system of holding the gumball between the handles of a pliers (not the actual plier part, the rubber covered handles).  The awl I was using still slipped, but with this set-up, the rest of my fingers were saved!
*Protect your work surface.  Whatever you are using will slip at least once and I was very glad to have a self-healing mat protecting my table.
*Make the holes in all the gumballs first.  I think it saves time and if you're working on these with kids (like I did) you can do the dangerous part alone and then have them join you.
*Only certain ribbons will pull through the gumball easily.  Stick to satin or sheer ribbon in 1/4" or 1/8" width and you shouldn't have any trouble.
tracie said...

love these!!! have them on my list to make, but life kinda got in the way! :(

so cute! love the green & gold too!!

I seriously don't know how u find the time!

Jackie said...

there were a few little girls that LOVED those! and one little girl that thinks hers is extra special because ej's mom made it for her :)

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