Snowtorious B.I.G.

or Our Snow Day in Instagram Pics (but the first title was too good not to steal)

Backyard drifting

Side door - before

And after

It took me an entire hour to get this little bit shoveled

Luckily, the kindest, most hard-working & polite kids I know (who also happen to be our neighbors) arrived to save the day!

I came in to find EJ sporting moose antlers

And baby antlers too.

I was actually sporting my own headgear...well, actually it's Jack's hat. I never wear a hat, so you know it was cold (but I didn't think it looked too bad...maybe I should get my own hat?)!

Cocoa on a stick

Valentine production by Jack

My lovely sous chef

Inspired by Cyndi's applesauce cake baking, we cooked up a crumb cake of our own.

Yoga time for me and Jack

Missing a few ingredients, but the perfect afternoon snack (and lunch for the next day or so)
Jack's marshmallow smile (it was a multiple hot chocolate kind of day)

It's back to school for us today! Hope everyone is staying warm (and taking pain meds for those sore backs)!
jessica said...

Great snow pictures, Heather, and I love the cute antlers on the girls too. It looks like you enjoyed a good snow day.
I'm discovering upper arm muscles today that I never knew I had before our shoveling experience yesterday, and could completely relate to your spending an hour to clear a small section :-)

Chaz said...

You were a shoveling machine yesterday! Can't believe how much you did. I shoveled a little square for the garbage can and could feel the pain. Some yummy hot chocolate always helps!

Jackie said...

That is all I heard all day today was "I'm so sore!" and we had a huge marshmellow day yesterday as well, how could you not? Snow days sure are fun, but exhausting as well :) By the way, how'd you like Bob?

southern daze said...

There's so much goodness in this post I'm not even sure where to begin!

First off, I'm laughing because I'm posting pics of our dusting when y'all had serious snow mountains. You must think I'm an idiot :-)

EJ's moose antlers made me smile, as did Olivia's sweet face.

You don't normally wear hats?! That's the first thing I did when we visited Cleveland...slap a hat on my head. BTW - you look pretty darn cute. Thinking you need one of your very own.

What's your source for cocoa on a stick. This one looks especially good!

Wish I had a baking assistant as stinking cute as EJ. Her smile could seriously like up the midnight! Chuckled when I saw the DC can :-)

Think I may need that crumb cake recipe!

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