Ten on Tuesday: Valentines Fun

Ten Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day 2011

1.  Send an e-postcard courtesy of kate spade.
{image courtesy of kate spade}
Lots of super cute designs to choose from and perfect for all your bffs!

2. Craft a gumball necklace for the littles in your life.

3. Eat lots of yummy seasonal candy!
Yep, I got my gumdrop hearts!  Jackie tracked down two places that have them and even delivered a bag to my door!  Yum!

4. Enjoy some creative coloring time with free printables from Vale Design.
{image courtesy of Vale Design}

5. Follow Jack's lead and turn a school "fun page" into a super cool gift for your sister.
He also had me print an Olivia page for our Olivia.  I bet if you did a quick search you could find a coloring page that fits the interests of anyone you like to give some "art" to.  And I bet grown-ups would love these too!

6. Enter to win this gorgeous LOVE print from Heartfish Press!  Just comment on this post with your favorite love song by Friday, February 11th.
{image courtesy of Heartfish Press}

7. Check out the phenomena that is Iron Cupcake: Milwaukee! Sunday, February 13th from 10am to 2pm.  Everyone is going to be there...seriously!  And Duff Goldman is the celebrity judge...cool, right?
{image courtesy of Iron Cupcake: Milwaukee}
If you go and happen to run into the Cupcake Queen herself (my girl Sandy), be sure to wish her a Happy 29th Birthday.  It's going to be an amazing birthday party, that's for sure!

8. Treat yourself to a heart-shaped pizza from Rocky Roccoco's.  Sure it's cheesy and kind of lame, but isn't that truly the core of Valentine's Day?  Besides, it tastes delish and they throw in a free balloon too!

9. Give a naturally sweet Valentine to your uber-healthy friend (yes, I mean you Jackie) with these super cute fruit stickers from Twig & Thistle.
{image courtesy of Twig & Thistle}
I chose the clementine photo as those are the absolute favorite fruit of my girls, but there are also stickers for pears, apples and bananas.  So cute!

10. If you are under age 4 and live in my house, you're gonna need a cute outfit too!  Character graphic tees and also a complete outfit for my accessory girl.

{images courtesy of old navy}

No matter how you celebrate the day...make it special!
Jackie said...

Ok, lots to say! First of all, is it bad that I saw those fruit stickers last week and fell in love with them? but then, I'm not sure because even I like sweet treats on Valentine's day!! I do have those candy hearts in my house too :) And, apparently our girls will be dressed alike for Valentine's Day...go figure!! and I LOVE that love print, nothing better than simple art!

Sandy Ploy said...

You know you are getting old when you friends are calling it your "29th" birthday. xoxox Happy Birthday right back at ya.

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