Calendar Giveaway

{photo courtesy of Linda & Harriet}

Ever realized that you've completely missed something?  Like for instance, you might be spending a lot of time intentionally out of your office lately and one day you find that you forgot to hang your gorgeous Linda & Harriet 2011 calendar?

 {photo courtesy of Linda & Harriet}

No worries right?  I mean you've only missed two months of the year and each month has a postcard on the back, so you'll still get to use the pretty designs!

 {photo courtesy of Linda & Harriet}

But what if after that you notice a second copy of the calendar that you purchased for a potential Christmas gift?  Ugh!!  Yep, there is only one a giveaway!!!

Just comment below with either:
1) A story of something you've recently missed
2) Something you love that I might be missing out on
(for instance, I just recently took some advice and started watching Arrested season in and I'm hooked!)

I will randomly choose a winner next Thursday (3/17) and I promise to send the calendar out right away (that way you'll only miss 3 months)!
Jackie said...

Does missing calling my mom on her bday back in October still count? I think I'm scarred for LIFE!! I don't think I want to admit all the other bdays I've missed!! I think I need a calendar that is specifically for bdays so I have to look at it daily with nothing else on there to perhaps "hide" the bday that's written!! (or i seriously need to get up with the times and get a new phone with a cool calendar...or both!)

Michelle Smiles said...

I keep saying I am going to buy one of her calendars but haven't yet (for myself - I bought one for my SIL for Christmas the year before last). I always buy myself a Greenpeace calendar because the photos are amazing and I love looking at them all year. But for some reason never got around to it this year.

I miss things all of the time now that I am a SAHM. Back in the days of carrying a date book, I was on top of things. Now? Not so much. The last things I missed were my step-mothers and mother in law's birthdays. They were in February. My sister reminded me of stepmoms the day of so I could call and fortunately my husband remembered his mom's. But man I suck these days.

Christine J said...

Usually I miss putting a dish out for a birthday party or get together. I've learned now to make a list of everything I've made or wanted to be part of the menu. That way, I don't end up eating a whole bowl of pasta salad all by myself. :)

Emily said...

I miss free time or me time. There is constantly something to do, and so I long for the days when I could no nothing and not feel guilty.

Another show you might want to try: Freaks and Geeks. Another show too cool for the general population and so it was canceled after one season. Set in 1980. What's not to love?

cathy said...

What did I miss this year? Well, for one, I missed buying a new 2011 calendar for my wall... :) (no, really, I did!!) Lately I feel like I've been missing lots of things :: I'm with Emily, I miss a little free time every now and again!

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