Crochet Basket

I love these little baskets (pattern found here)!  I made one for a friend's birthday (Happy Birthday Leslie!) and one for our living room.  They are the perfect yarn baskets (to hold your yarn for current projects), but we're using ours as a catchall basket...for remotes, perler bead animals, rubber ducks, etc.

My version is small (5" high x 8" diameter).  I used a size N hook and Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn.  The yarn is thick, but the basket still has a lot of movement to the sizes.  The pattern is nice because you can flip it "inside-out" and the basket looks the same.  I even think the bottom is pretty!

Me Likey said...

It is one of those things that I wouldn't think we would need, but now that it is out, it seems very useful! A handy basket instead of stuff laying around. Nice work!

Leslie said...

Love, love, LOVE mine!! Thanks, sweetie!! (Meg tried to wear it as a hat, though. Silly kid.) Maybe if I actually use it to hold my yarn, I'll remember I'm supposed to be knitting something!! :-)

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