Happy St. Patrick's Day!

You have to love a St. Patrick's Day where everyone heads to school in short-sleeved shirts and Spring jackets!

And the calendar giveaway winner is the lovely Cathy!  The calendar (and maybe a little candy surprise) will be heading your way soon!
southern daze said...

This is the first thing to bring a true smile to my face today & ward off the stress I'm feeling from the insane noise going on in our front yard by worker guys doing who-knows-what. LOVE these super cute kiddos with their adorable shirts & awesome smiles. Also loving that Cathy won the L&H calendar!

Cathy - You're gonna love it!!!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

happy st. pat's!! love your kiddos!

cathy said...

First off...Ohmyword! For REAL? :)

Second...love those happy faces!! Hope you had a super fun St. Pat's!

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