Library Nerd

I may have mentioned that I was a library nerd or book nerd before?  But if loving all things book, school, library and vintage paper is wrong, then I don't want to be right.  Obviously my friends have gotten the message and I have gotten some pretty darn creative gifts recently that I need to share! 

First up, is Tracie's notebook paper themed birthday gift.  Seriously awesome!
{photo courtesy of {tsj} photography}

I loved every single part of it (check out more pics and sources of all the fab here), but do you see those notecards?  Tracie made those for me!  Seriously so cool and just my favorite part of the whole gift (and that is saying a lot given how much I love it all)!

I also received this library card calendar from Cyndi at Christmas.  I love the paper of the cards, the font choices, the cute little card pockets each month's card is tucked into (so basically all of it!)!

{photos courtesy of Colette Paperie}

I had been swooning over this little lovely (with no actual use as my address book is non-paper these days) and this calendar was the perfect fix to stop me from being naughty!  It's much better to have your friends gift you lovely things like this right?  Thanks so much girls!