Old-School Meetup

Many years ago, these three girls were lucky enough to be friends.  High school choir brought us together but we spent a lot of time having fun too!
{our lovely senior photos...I feel that they are okay to post given that I have the biggest hair by far!}

This weekend we were lucky enough to spend some time together again.  Things have changed...we have husbands, we're mothers, new cities, flatter hair...but we still have a lot of fun together for sure.  And we're thankful to social media for bringing us back in touch too.
{See how my Olivia snuck in this pic? Becky's daughter Olivia is just outside the frame on the right.}

Ladies, we need to do this again soon (maybe next time we can go see Tomoka?)!  It was wonderful to catch up with you both.  Have a safe trip home to your boys Tomoka (hope you get a lot of sleep on the plane too) and thank you Rebecca (see, I'm trying) for holding off your return trip a day so we could spend this time together!
southern daze said...

So fun!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

love everything about it! ;)

President of AquaNet said...

Our sales have decreased 90% since your graduation. Any chance of the three of you revitalizing your high school hair styles? As an added benefit, our products are now made with ozone PROTECTING ingredients. For the sake of our employees and sotckholders, please reconsider bringing back the old styles.

Tomoka said...

It was really nice to see you two and the families.
And yes, next time you all can come and see me. It's about time!! ;)

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