Spring Break Day 2

{the girls checking out the books & Jack's picks for the week}

The second day of Spring Break also began with trips to the dentist...for Mom & Dad.  Boo!!!  No sticker from our dentist but the girls did give me a Barney one to wear when I got home.  Yay!  When Matt went to take his turn, we headed to the pediatrician for EJ's 4-year-old check.  Two shots with absolutely no tears (sometimes she can be brave) and a big smile when she got her band-aids too!

After that the fun began...a walk to the library (which is like the candy store for my kids), an afternoon at the museum with Auntie Alice & Uncle D (Jack & EJ), ice cream & Arrested Development (me), more trying on clothes (EJ grew & we've got to sort it out), workbook page struggles (today's were tough in spots), tv dinners (my kids get excited about weird things), Kai-Lan watching, class field trip (Matt), early jammies, and...Livie actually used the potty (just once, but it's a start!).
Karri said...

Livie is not old enough to even have potty in the same sentence!! She's still a baby, right? RIGHT?!?! Where has the time gone????

My kids looove the library, too. We're headed there today :)

Vicarious Reader said...

Judging by the stack of books, I think you brought the library home! It's great they enjoying reading as much as you and love the library. They were very excited!

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