Spring Break Day 3

Finally time for some fun!  We spent the entire morning at an indoor playplace going crazy with some friends.  Livie started with the slide pictured above and then took to scaring me by going down the big kid slides (and stairs...with or without assistance).  It was perfect though as all three kids had a great time doing their own thing.

After we left, everyone (miraculously) stayed awake in the car, so we picked up EJ & Abbie's cupcake pottery & then headed out for lunch.  Grilled cheese & frozen custard were awesome treats and enough to keep the girls up until we got home for a 2pm naptime start.  The rest of the day was workbook pages (Jack), dress try-on (EJ), a tea party for the people & stuffed animals of the house (Olivia), dinner, baths & dvr'd Electric Company.

I'm not sure if I'll have post for tomorrow.  Jack thinks it would be best "to take the day off and enjoy life."  Apparently all the appointments I've scheduled have really tuckered them out!
Stuck at Work/School said...

Looks they had a blast. You're suc a cool mom. "Take the day off and enjoy life". How profound from the 7yr old!

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