Ten on Tuesday

{image courtesy of {tsj} photography and nellie*design}
1) Have you seen the super cute St. Patrick's Day party that my friends Tracie and Nellie collaborated on?  If you are planning a bash of your own (for adults or kids), this is the cutest (and easiest) way to create a gorgeous party!  Nellie has the entire printable party available in her nellie*design shop!

2) Two months into 2011 and I've still be chugging along pretty well on reading for me!  I think I'm going to attempt to read a minimum of three books a month...one memoir, one kid/young adult book (either something I want to revisit or something I missed as a kid), and a classic.  I am finishing up my 3rd for February tonight (the classic) and it was a busy month, so I'm thinking this plan is doable right?

{looks like a scarf, but will be a kid's blanket}

3) I should be working on the many crafty projects I need to have done for March birthdays, but instead I'm using yarn I bought for a project I scrapped to make something that no one needs.  I am seriously the biggest procrastinator on Earth!

4) Clearly I think I'm invincible after our perler bead success, but yesterday I pulled out the EJ's workbooks.  The workbooks that I gave up on months ago because EJ & I were not good at a student/teacher relationship...at all!  But I have to admit, it went pretty darn well.  We set up a plan to just do a couple pages each day while Jack is doing homework.  I hope the smooth sailing continues!

5) The chicken marsala wraps I talked about a little over a week ago?  Yeah, we made them again this past weekend.  In fact I've had them two nights in a row now.  Love!  Think they will be in our permanent rotation for some time.

{image courtesy of Amandeleine}

6) What I haven't made yet are these decadent Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies.  But let's be honest...I totally want to!  If only my house wasn't stuffed with Girl Scout cookies right now...

7) I was just did a little testing/playing on a new item for Mollie of Wild Olive.  She makes the cutest things and I highly recommend checking out her etsy shop in the next couple days for her newest creations.

{Liv clutching her sophie & lili Rosa doll}

8) I feel like I am currently obsessed with all things doll.  In addition to my dollhouse search, I recently ordered EJ a custom sophie & lili doll for her birthday and have been in search of clothes for my niece's American Girl doll.  Wow, those outfits are expensive!  So off to etsy I went and I had some pretty good luck including this shop and this personalized purse for her doll.  I know they aren't the "good stuff" but who doesn't want a bigger wardrobe, right?

9) We're heading to the art museum on Thursday (free day for the month) to see the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibition.  I'm kind of giddy about it actually.  But that's because I have a love of all things FLW (I grew up here, worked here and was married here).  I'm thinking Loving Frank should be on my reading list for next month too.

10) I'm already thinking about our plans for the summer (as I said, big procrastinator...clearly avoiding birthday planning by focusing on summer).  I'm still looking for a better way to organize our plans (this is what we did in 2010 and 2009), but not quite sure how much to plan now that we have a mobile kid instead of a crawling baby.  I guess my first step should be to go through those posts and all my starred posts in reader to see what we must repeat and where we should visit, and then go from there.  But I have to ask...how do you organize your summer plans?
Nellie Design said...

woot woot! Thanks for the shout out! And OMGoodness, I have got to try that chicken wrap and I am going to make those cookies!

Sadie said...

Workbooks rule! I bought some a while ago and had the same experience with Maia. I think she was just too young. Then I pulled them out a few weeks ago and s can't get enough of them. The dollar store is a great place to find them at all levels. But you probably know that. Happy reading!

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