Easter birthday treats

It's Spring...which in Wisconsin means that everyone is coming out of hibernation...which means things get busy...fast!  So, it made the most sense to combine Olivia's birthday dinner with Easter dinner.  We have to take advantage of the rare year that they are just one week apart.

So I've been on the hunt for fun birthday cakes, cupcakes or treats we can make to celebrate both occasions.  Here are some of the cute ideas I've found so far, starting with my bestie's super cute carrot cake creation!
{carrot cake from {tsj} photography}

{sheep marshmallow & cookie treats from Southern Living}

{flower cake from Martha Stewart}

{carrot top brownies from The Seven Year Cottage}

{bunny butt sundaes from D.I.Y. Louisville}

{lollipop cupcakes from Martha Stewart}

They are all so cute and easy that I'm having a hard time deciding which to make!  Any other awesome creations I need to add to my list of possibilities?
It All Looks Good But If I Had to Choose... said...

The "Carrot Cake" looks awesome! That gets my vote. I'm little uncomfortable with the "Bunny butt" sundae. Not sure I want that body part associated with food. But let's be honest, it's not going to stop me from eating it.

Karri said...

oooh. i've not seen the lolly cupcakes yet!!!!
i saw tracie's cake featured on Tip Junkie yesterday!! I love it.

Rachel said...

those marshmellow sheep are SO adorable! I just want to bury my face into them!

southern daze said...

So much adorable goodness to choose from! Thinking you can't go wrong no matter what direction you take. Which does Liv like the best? My favorites are T's cake & the lollipop cupcakes from Martha.

Jackie said...

At least Liv is only going to be 2 and she doesn't insist on having a monkey cake even though we are celebrating the day before Easter!!! because apparently monkeys also scream "I have an Easter bday!" I saw those "bunny butts" last week and almost went immediately to the store to get the ingredients...so I guess that's my vote. I do love Tracie's carrot cake but that does involve cake and jelly bellies again for you...and if you pick that one then we know who will be putting the jelly bellies on...he may want to re-think his vote :)

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