Spring Break Day 4

Well, we definitely enjoyed life, and lots of outside time, today!  New bike helmets for everyone (yep, Jack grew out of the adult-sized helmet we bought him last summer...ugh!), EJ tested out her brand new scooter (and Livie tested her out EJ's old scooter  her brand new scooter), and I cleaned out the garage/reorganized/swept/created a giveaway pile.  After lunch, the girls napped and Jack & I watched the Brewers season opener (it was a tough last minute loss though).  In short, we pretended Summer was just around the corner, so I'm pretty sure it will snow this weekend!  Oh well, it was still an awesome day!
Karri said...

Sounds awesome! And similar to our day --outside time and enjoying the sunshine and then the brewers game (sigh) with the Biggest Fan.
Too funny about Jack outgrowing his helmet. Just like Aidan. We just tell him that he's got a big brain :)

Jackie said...

similar to ours too...but backwards. could only listen to the brewers game (and with the last inning in half static with mom punching the steering wheel and saying not nice things about our closer...) but lots of outside time at the end of the day...the beauty of the (sort of) south :) it was still nice until 7pm!! sounds like a perfect spring break day to me! and no more snow...it's april!!! Happy april fools by the way ;)

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