Spring Break Wrap-Up

Spring Break has come to a close but we had a lot of fun our last three days too!  We ambushed Grandma's house (doughnuts in hand) on Friday morning and spent a long morning there (wrapping it up with a lunchdate that included a playland).  When we got home everyone napped (even Jack & I cuddled up and snoozed for an hour)...bliss! 

The weekend included some errands & chores (me), some work & homework (Matt), but it also included a game at Miller Park, a morning with some cousins (Matt & the kids), a movie afternoon (me & Jack) and a hockey game.   Finally, we capped off an awesome week together with a round of ice cream cones!

Please don't judge me, but I have to be honest...I really can't wait for summer now!!!
Karri said...

We just said the same thing this morning (re: summer)!!!

Jackie said...

try spending your last couple days of spring break in summer like weather and then come back to COLD and white (hail filled) grass...bring on summer!!!!!!! and all things fun that go with it :)

southern daze said...

Sounds like a ton of fun was had on Spring Break! Hopefully summer weather is right around the corner.

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