Ten on Tuesday: I Failed Genetic Testing

Well, not really important genetic testing or anything!  Remember back in school when they first introduce genetics to the class and you go over the list of weird little things that people can do that are related to genetics?  I basically think they do this because it's all fun things and of course everyone can do at least a couple of them.  Not this chick.  I couldn't do any!  So here are ten things most people can do that I cannot (I know these are not all inherited traits).

1) Roll my tongue (like curl it up into a u-shape)

2) Roll my R's - which sure doesn't help my lack of natural ability with other languages.

3) Answer math questions with the numbers 6 and 8 involved especially when they are multiplied by 3 - not sure why...maybe some sort of elementary school issue, but it's still an issue!

4) Whistle - well, unless you mean the kind of whistling that only dog's can hear (and I didn't learn that until a few years ago).

5) Shuffle playing cards - this is sort of a lie, because I can do this now, but I couldn't until college.  I worked the campus security dispatch desk one summer...third shift.  It got really boring.  So one night I spent 8 hours forcing myself to practice shuffling cards and I overcame my inability.

6) Snap my fingers on my left hand (why only on one hand? clearly, I'm a freak!)

7) Spell separate, definite, necessary without leaning on spell check (or using weird shortened versions) - I am doing so much better with definite though thanks to a tip from Emily a few months ago!

8) Have unpainted toenails - yeah, that one is purely a personality tick/issue, but it's a fact just the same.  I mean my feet look weird enough without having plain toenails!

9) Wink - this one is truly pathetic...I think I can sort of wink with one eye.  I also think that if you saw it, you'd think I was having an eye spasm.

10) Juggle - yes, that is a reach, but I couldn't think of a 10th thing and Matt wouldn't help me! (He thinks this topic is ridiculous, whereas I find it entertaining.)
mom said...

Funny, funny, funny. It's true you
had such a hard time trying to learn to snap your fingers..we were just lucky you finally could do it with one hand.
I can't curl my tongue either but I think Derek can.
Funny you should mention 6 and 8 problems. How many hours did we sit in the bus working on 6 plus 8 are 14. You never could get that one. Maybe that is the issue.

southern daze said...

What a fun post! Yet again, we have things in common - 5 of the 10, in fact: I cannot roll my tongue, roll my R's, or whistle no matter how many times I've tried; juggling is impossible & "separate" ALWAYS gives me trouble!

Super happy to know I'm not the only one out here without these abilities :-)

Karri said...

interesting.... (as i went thru the list, i was making sure i could do them all!)

Jackie said...

Again...on paper we really shouldn't be friends. Except maybe juggling (and on a good day I can sometimes do that...sometimes!) I can do all those things. How ever are we friends? :)

Actually..one of my favorite parts of your emails are "def." I would miss that if you ever spelled it out :)

oh and one more thing...this is NOT the post you told me you'd have for Tues :)

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