When you live in an old house...

you never know can even guess what might fall apart next.  Perhaps the industrial-looking (25-ish pound) light fixture hanging in the middle of your kitchen might decide it wants a change of scenery?

It truly was a best case scenario though!  Matt got home from class early & saw EJ staring out her bedroom window at him in the driveway, so he went up to say goodnight to the big kids.  I was in the living room and heard a loud noise but thought whatever Matt had brought in had fallen off of the counter or something.  Turns out the metal bar that the electric box & light are attached too decided to pop off/break off the ginormous nail it was attached with & the entire thing was now hanging by one side (it's hard to tell but the side you can see on the left is the side that is no longer attached).

Matt turned off the power and went to work disconnecting wires, etc. so we could bring the whole thing down.  I stood on the floor and lifted the light up (so basically held it up over my head) so he could do that.  My big worry was that while I could lift the light fixture, I had no control.  I was sure it was going to crash to one side and hurt me break! 

I did not even imagine that as we slowly lowered the light fixture down, the ceiling medallion would ricochet off my face.  It certainly hurts (I have a small cut/scrape & am swelling as I type) and it was shocking (never saw it coming), but I still have all my teeth & there wasn't any blood!
{I measured, cause I'm weird like that, and it is 21" across & 1" top to bottom}

Yep, definitely best case scenario...kids were in bed, Matt was home, the light never actually fell and we were able to "fix" the situation ourselves.  I will admit though...it certainly is making a kitchen remodel sound even more attractive.  I love my old house, but I do not love my "partially renovated but not well by any means" kitchen!
Kel said...

I feel your pain! We had a ceiling fan come crashing down in the first year we lived in our house - thankfully it was in the guest room and nobody was there. Our kitchen was a disaster - the first time I used the microwave I blew the whole house! That certainly sped up our kitchen remodel!

Glad nobody was seriously injured!

Jackie said...

oh my goodness! I could name a few of those old house issues too..as my hubby says, when you live in an old house you just keep fixing things and it never ends! Glad you are all ok (despite your little battle scar :)

southern daze said...

Oh Heather - OW! How are you feeling today?

Karri said...

Glad the kids were not around when that happened!!
Don't you just looove the old house adventures? Good times. We had a dining room light (that we installed) pop and explode. But then again, we have all the original wiring. None of those pretty blue boxes like you have :)

jessica said...

It's funny (or maybe not) that "best case scenario" involved a ceiling medallion bumping you in the face, but I'm glad you weren't hurt worse!! Dave tends to put me in rather precarious situations when tackling home improvement projects too :-)

We also live in an old home that at any given time could use any number of repairs, and my dad is a builder, so Dave has come to learn that a visit from my parents will almost always involve a trip to Home Depot and a serious hit to the check book.

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