Granny Square Blanket Take Two

There is a new baby in our family (Matt's cousin had a baby girl last month) and I thought that made a great excuse for me to try another giant granny square blanket.  I made one last year for my nephew Miles and it was truly a first attempt at doing anything with my new-found crochet skills.  In other words, it was not very pretty (evidence here...although I did mask it well in the pics)!

This one came out a lot better, although (full disclosure) still a little wonky.  I'm pretty sure wrapping a cute baby up in it will help though!  I used a thicker yarn to speed up the process so it is nice and durable as well as soft.  I followed the usual giant granny square pattern and did 17 rows (I stopped so I had enough yarn for the edging but I think 20 rows would be ideal).  The edging is one round of single crochet (1 in each stitch, 3 in the corners) and then one round of double crochet, slip stitch (repeat around).  The finished blanket is 27" square(ish).

In order to dial up the pretty (and distract from the wonky), I added a set of these awesome baby onesie stickers from nellie*design.  Each month you put the sticker front and center on your baby's shirt and you've got an easy way to mark their growth without worrying about them wiggling away (and the stickers are super cute & customizable too).

And now I need to get working on baby blanket number 3, as my nephew is going to be a big brother at the end of the summer.  Perhaps I'll replace his "not-quite square" blanket with a new big boy model while I'm at it!