Ice Cream Gift Set

EJ attended her last day of preschool yesterday.  She has learned so much there and she has amazing teachers!  We wanted to give them a little something to let them know how special we think they are...and because there are six of them, it needed to be cost-effective too!

I started with the idea of crocheting ice cream pint cozies.  Sure it's a little silly, but it's cute and semi-useful.  And it would of course be easy to build a theme around given the Neapolitan color theme and my great love for ice cream.

I added some toppings in a mason jar (stacked in the Neapolitan theme), hot fudge, and some awesome free printables (see below for links).  The index cards could be used for recipe cards or note cards (I included a set of 6) and the bookmark was hand-colored by Miss EJ with a note on the back ("Love, EJ").

We packaged up all the goodies and headed out (in the rain) to school...

To be honest, I put these together rather quickly so I had to work with what I had based on timing.  If I was making these again (and had time to order things), I would add a pack of these straws and a few ice cream spoons.  I'd package them up in these gable boxes for an ice cream shop look.  And I'd make sure to include this card too.  I hate when you come up with an idea too late to add the super cute touches, but I hope her teachers know how much we love them anyway!

Contents & Sources:
ice cream pint container - purchased from our fav local shop
pint cozy - i purchased a pattern but made a ton of changes to fit my needs
hot fudge - i purchased from the store but you could also make your own
toppings - pink sprinkles, mini teddy grahams, mini oreos
index cards - Wild Olive free download
bookmark - Wild Olive free download
tag & jar sticker - made by me
southern daze said...

I know I say this a lot on your blog but it's always heartfelt + sincere...I LOVE this idea! I doubly love that you put this together with things you had on hand. Any creative idea I get involves buying a crap load of supplies :-)

Not sure when I can steal this idea but, rest assured, I'll find a time. SUPER DUPER CUTE!!!

Jackie said...

I've been waiting for this! Very very cute! All the ice cream ideas i kept coming up with involved ordering things too so i had to scratch that and move on... but you did well! and I never would've thought to go to Niemann's for the pints!! who knew?

Emily said...

What a cute idea! It looks super cute and simple!

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