In Search of A New Grandma Necklace

{photo courtesy of The Vintage Pearl}

Last year for my MIL's birthday, I got her this necklace with the names of all her grandchildren on it.  In fact, my youngest nephew wasn't even born yet (we had to wait 3 more weeks for him to arrive), but his name was on the necklace so we'd be all set!  The gift was a great success and my MIL wears it almost every day.  But...guess who is getting another nephew soon?

I had planned to order a new small disc with the additional name, but I think it's going to be too tight of a fit.  So I'm looking for ideas for a new Grandma necklace that has enough room for the names of 5 girls and 5 boys.  The girls' names are 27 characters and the boys' names are 23 plus the new baby (including spaces & assuming I spelled correctly).

Anyone out there with a big family and a great recommendation for me? 
Jackie said...

no but i love that necklace! i've been wanting to get my mom one but i don't want to run into your i think we'd better wait a million years!!

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