Photo Frame Redo

It seems that every summer we're buying a new dry erase board (or eight) to help us be organized with all our running lists.  Summer reading hours, project lists, notes to each just keeps growing.  But most dry erase boards are not so cute.  Luckily I had a little inspiration for a cheap, cute and changeable frames!

Put scrapbook paper behind the glass of any frame and you've got yourself a dry-erase board.  All you need to restock is the that is cost-effective!  We decided that this "thought bubble" design would be fun for messages to each other.  Obviously Jack & I will use it the most, but I hung it at a low-level so the girls can "play" too.

The big transformation of this project was this frame.  It started out many years ago looking like this (black and with the big floor easel back) and then went through another change right before EJ came home.  That change included Matt removing the easel & adding wall brackets.  Then I spray painted it white and added detail black and white photographs of EJ (eyes, hands, feet) that I took during our visit trip.  It became a permanent fixture of her much so that Olivia has been hanging out with EJ's baby pics in her room for the last two years! Yikes!  So with the bedroom switch, the frame moved down to the office and we added some fun summer paper designs for a super-size dry-erase board next to Jack's desk.

I'm loving the fresh, bright colors (sorry about the horrible pic...I swear it's cute!) and the convenience of it (I'm already leaving notes and starting a countdown to summer break...21 days!).  I think we'll keep these "boards" around permanently and change out the papers whenever we feel like it (hopefully more often then we changed the photos).
cyndi said...

LOVE this idea! I never would have thought to use a picture frame as a dry erase board - never! Think I may need to utilize this clever idea in the girls room. Thank you my creative friend!!

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