Scallop Bunting

Remember my crochet pennant garland?  I went a little more girlie this time around with a scallop shape and bright Spring colors.  This was a simple project, so much so that by the time I had made a few I knew the pattern by heart, and I loved the end result.  All of my work was for gifts, but maybe I'll make up another for myself (or to have handy when a friend could use a smile).

The pattern I used can be downloaded here (free pattern) and I thought it would be fun to see what a difference color choice can make.  Heather's (yep, another one) original design is much softer with the cream and it!

{photo courtesy of Seams of Life}
southern daze said...

I love mine! It made me smile when I opened it & continues to every day :-) Thank you for knowing how to lift my spirits!

liza-lu said...

I like you color choices. I'm about to use Heather's pattern to make a bunting for my daughter's 6th birthday part - upon request! She wants me to stitch her name across the semi-circles. I'm glad to see you had no problems with the pattern, that way I know it will be a breeze for me, too!

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