Sewing Basket for those too little to sew

Little kids love to do what the big people around them are doing.  I'm not a sew-er (so not a word), but I do love to get crafty.  So when I saw this toddler sewing basket idea, I knew I had to make one for EJ (and maybe a couple more for some pint-sized friends).

It's filled with fun fabrics, yarns, ric rac trim, a big zipper, and you could add so much more!  There is also a cheese shaker and pipe cleaners (the holes on top of the shaker are the perfect size for the pipe cleaners) for threading practice.  And the favorite thing in this embroidery hoop with a piece of shelf liner inside.  Add a plastic needle and my kids make the craziest creations threading yarn every which way.

Add to the threading fun by including buttons, mini spools, crochet flowers and embellishments for them to include in their needle creations.  I also added a simple initial (I painted a balsa letter and then attached with hot glue) to each basket to personalize it.  The best part of creating this basket is that you can add whatever you have on hand or items you like to use in your own crafting!

This sewing basket has been a huge hit with EJ!  It's a great hands-on toy for my Montessori learner, but it's also something she is proud to own because it seems like such a big kid thing (even though everything within is perfectly safe).  I can't wait to add to the basket as she grows and is able to try new things!
southern daze said...

I think you should change your blog name to "One Clever + Crafty Mama!"

Jackie said...

I loved this one for sure...super cute and crafty!! and one of my pint sized little friends is in love with hers too..thank you :)

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