Ten on Tuesday: Crazy Livie Faces

We're nearing the end of school, my project list keeps growing (mostly fun things) and we've got lots of activities keeping us on the go right now.  But you don't want to hear about that!  Instead I give you ten photos of my crazy daughter.  And keep in mind that these are not (for the most part) her making crazy faces FOR the camera, they are me catching her everyday goofiness ON the camera!











11. And a bonus pic of this girl who not only cracks me up every single day, but lights up my heart with her beautiful smile!  I am one lucky momma (times 3)!!!
southern daze said...

What a cutie! Love them all but have to say that my absolute favorites are 2,7,8,10. They each made me laugh out loud :-)

Karri said...

Its so funny..you can finally see her personality shining through!

jessica said...

She is soooo cute, Heather! All her expressions are so animated and precious!

I also love EJ's ice cream gifts below, you did such a great job with the teacher gifts, as always.

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

way.too.cute!! she's getting too big!! thanks for the smile!

Jackie said...

Such a character!!! Love everyone of those pics!! Oh and love that Abs can match Livie and Ej all summer long :) nice dress shopping :)

Emily said...

Such a cutie!

That's My Girl said...

I've seen all these before but still laughed out loud seeing this post. Excellent job stringing these together!

Sadie said...

A priceless post of a priceless cutie!

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