Ten on Tuesday: Questions

I've got questions and I know that you smartie readers have great answers for me!

1. What's under your dining room table?
We've always had an area rug under our table, but right now are going with nothing until I decide what will work best.  Right now I own two options: One that is heavy & wool and never moves but has a super traditional pattern.  The other has a modern design that I love, but slides all over the place if you don't pick up your chair when scooting it in (and I'm the only one who does that so it's basically a recipe for insanity).  The people we purchased the new table from had it on top of a thick shag carpet (I can't see that being easy to clean).  So what type of rug do you have?  Or do you have hard flooring (and how does that work out as far as keeping the food mess contained?

2. What is your favorite paint to use for painting furniture?  Do you use spray paint?  Base coat or protective coat? 
My past furniture painting has not gone well and I need any tips you have!

3. What is your opinion of painted furniture?  Are you a painter or traditionalist?
I need to paint Jack's new bed due to the condition of the wood, but I'm on the fence about the new chairs from the dining room set.  The wood is in great condition but I think the chairs would look really fun if I painted them a bright green or something (they are in need of new cushion fabric too).  But I hate to paint perfectly good wood...thoughts?

Summer Movies & Adoption
4. Has anyone seen Bridesmaids?

5. Which Summer movie are you most excited to see?
It feels like there are more new movies coming out this Summer than ever before.  Of course the kids movies are most on my/the kids' radar, especially with all the sequels to their favorites! 

6. Is anyone going to see Kung Fu Panda 2 on opening weekend?
Because my kids are dying to see Kung Fu Panda 2 and I've heard this one deals with a lot of adoption issues.  Normally that makes me nervous, but I'm more confident in the language and how the plot will be handled because of Angelina Jolie's involvement.  I'm really hoping that it is done well and can be a positive conversation starter for us.

7. Who will share their lifebook/lifebook ideas with me?
We've been having a lot of discussions lately about EJ's story.  Most of the time it's her "checking the facts" or her asking us to define the terms we use for the 5000th time, but I realize that I have put off her lifebook creation long enough.  Now I need advice...I need a format and an idea of how much information to include for a 4-year-old (should I make one for her to use now & a different one for her as she gets older?).  Help!

8. Can you recommend a charity who needs donations of women's dress shoes?
I finally cleaned out and organized by shoes (it had been much longer than I thought) and I have a lot that need new homes.  I've packed up about 5 bags of the sturdier pairs for Soles 4 Souls, but I have some nicer shoes that would either be good for job interviews or proms/dress-up that I would love to donate.  I have a couple ideas to investigate but wanted to ask if anyone had a recommendation.

9. Where do you get your "active" tank tops?
I tend to not work out as much in the summer (I'm the opposite of most of the world) as I really like the kid time!  But I do walk to/from as many things as we can, as well as take the girls for walks in the stroller while Jack is in Summer school.  To this end, I broke down and bought some yoga capris to wear in the mornings when I'm walking (I'll change into normal clothes during naptime), but would prefer to wear a longer (semi-butt-covering) tank top with them if possible.  Oh, and I sure wouldn't mind if it was cute too.

Summer Plans
10.  What is your favorite thing to do with the kids in the Summer?  Do you have any favorite events that are underpublicized?
Last year we found out that our performing arts center runs weekly free programming for kids.  The events are all different and really interesting (last year EJ joined the breakdancers on stage during one performance), but we didn't even know it existed until August.  I'd love you forever if you shared your secrets with us!
Bridget said...

I am not much help, but I can recommend Old Navy for your basic longer cotton tanks--cheap and usually cute colors. I'd also recommend checking out TJ Maxx--obviously hit or miss but I've found some workout clothes there that I love!

cyndi said...

1. We have a sisal rug under ours. It was originally in our family room but found its way to the dining room when we moved. There will be a picture on the blog later today.

2. I'm clueless on this but can check with my mom when she returns from her anniversary/b-day trip later this week.

3. I love painted furniture!

4. I haven't but everyone I know that has seen it says it's HILARIOUS! Wish we could go together!!

5. Mr. Popper's Penguins & Judy Moody look fun.

6-8. Got nothin', sorry.

9. I'd love to know this myself - care to share what you learn?

10. With two teenage girls in the house our activities revolve around waiting for them to wake up & going shopping. You still have several years before you have to worry about that :-)

AEK said...

We have wood floors and have a rug underneath that we got from IKEA. It is similar to this one: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40086488 We have had it for about five years and it has worked great. It will probably have to be pitched once Caroline is older (& less messy) but it has served it's purpose well.
About donating dress shoes, I wonder if Cinderella's Closet or something similar would take them?

Jackie said...

Ok...here's my book for you to read!

1. no dining room, so no issues :) we have our laminate flooring and it's an easy clean thanks to the awesomeness that is the swiffer sweep and vac (i'm imagining that would be easy with your wood too!) I like the looks of rugs...hate the cleanup of them.

2. have painted lots of furniture. usually just use the regular old paint that we use for walls...a good sanding, some regular old primer and flat paint (if it's not going to get diry or eggshell for kids stuff) we are usually coordinating with already existing stuff and matching bedrooms.

3.i like both but hate to ruin good wood too...maybe try changing the seat cushions first for a little change and then go for paint if you are still in need of some pizzaz!

4. no, totally want to..let's go sat! :)

5.um, Cars 2? is that sad or what? and Bridesmaids, I mean it's summer some places now!

6. Thought about it since Owen spied it on the Rosebud sign!! If it's rainy, then likely! I like the adoption issues...I think that'll be very useful!

7.tough one, need more time to think.

8. Yes..I will get that to you, I have a very resourceful client that gave me a bunch of places!

9. Well...old navy for length ones with a nicer sports bra underneath of course. Yep..Marshalls or TJ Maxx and if you like "dri fit" type ones (which I do) target..C9 brand!

10. So many things but I don't think I have anything you don't know about! Will let you know if I think of something though for sure! (and please do the same :)

Karri said...

1- Nothing. We eat in the dining room the majority of the time, and I cant imagine having to get the vacuum out after each meal. With HWFs, I can at least make the kids sweep every night :) Plus, our LR flows into the DR and its all so boxy-ish and small, and I hate to make it feel even smaller w/ a rug.

2-I am learning. You want an oil based primer and then you can use a latex paint (in an eggshell finish). Finish off w/ a poly to protect. I haev tried many methods and like their advice the best : http://www.younghouselove.com/2009/02/how-to-paint-furniture/ (although I don't like glossy poly). As far as spray paint. Hrm. Here's my .02. Its good if you're doing a distressed method. But otherwise, there's way too much margin for error. I leave spraypaint for small projects like lamps and photo frames.
But whatever you do, you must prime. Unless you want it to peel. And if its got some finish on it, you need to lightly sand it, too.

3- I am totally cool w/ painting "perfectly good wood". This is a hump I've had to push Chris over. I have a few antiques and I want to bring them out of hiding but they're just too fuddy duddy. But a good coat of paint and some lovely distressing and man...they look like a million bucks. Love paint. Besides, there's enough damn wood in my house.

4. Nope. Really want to, though.
5. Kids want to see Mr. Popper's Penguins. I have no idea what's out there. Sad, huh?

6. Nah. But I am sure we'll see it soon thereafter, though!!!

7. I don't know of what you speak? But sounds awesome.

8. Crap. I have a bag o' nice shoes, too. I have a place I donated my suits to once I quit work. I need to see if I can find their name.

9. I like Target's Mossimo cotton Long & Lean tanks. Super long and they don't ride up like cheap tanks do. I also like Target's C9 brand w/ the built in bras. If you go to Sports Authority, they usually have cute yoga tanks on their clearance rack, too.

10. I am supposed to make plans? I am looking forward to not having to shuttle the kids every.freaking.where Ahhhh. So, yeah, no plans outside of the norm (playground, daisy/cub scout camps, Library).

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