Weekend Preview

I finished up a lot of volunteer stuff yesterday and am spending the day with the girls & my mom today, so it's already feeling like the weekend is here!  Here's a quick preview of what we've got planned...

Sports - 2 baseball games, 2 soccer games, and our first Brewers game of the season!

Cookies for Cancer -Don't miss the chance to buy some yummy treats!

Crafting -In between games, I plan to be crocheting my little heart out! Can't wait to share this super fun gift (next week, I promise)!

Rummage - If you live near my hood, make sure to check out the neighborhood rummage this Saturday!

Filling these buckets with goodies for another fun little gift project (I guess even if it rains this weekend as predicted, I'll still have plenty to do)!

But we're most excited to hang out with Daddy this weekend as he has officially finished his semester and now has a solid month of "off" time (we're pretending he doesn't have a work calendar).  We're super proud of all he does for us, but super happy for him to have a little break too.

So what is everyone else up to this weekend?
Karri said...

Sound fun!!!!
We're missing lots of soccer this weekend to go to the Great Wolf Lodge! Bummed to be missing the rummage, but the kids will enjoy this much more.

Jackie said...

Um, I think my weekend is very similar to yours!! However no crocheting here (only because I can't!)...but a little High Interest Day today, baseball practice, not games, but lots of soccer and crafting too!! I don't want it to rain...but I want it to rain...or I'll never get anything done for those preschool teachers!

southern daze said...

I bet you're super excited to have Matt back, both as hubby & dad!! Enjoy :-)

My weekend isn't terribly busy (yet). Tonight we're headed to see the Indians play, tomorrow Lee will be super busy at work (12+ hours) so I'll probably work around the house and, gasp, maybe even get a blog post done (!), and Sunday we're trying out a new church & hanging pics in the house. Not nearly as fun as your weekend!!

Sara said...

Wow! You are one busy mama. Thanks for you nice comment about my 266 square. I think I will try Lucy's method and slip stitch them together. Can't wait to finish. Hope you weekend works out perfectly. Enjoy your extra hubby time. :)

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