Gearing up!

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Summer vacation is almost here (one more week) and we are gearing up (literally) for lots of outdoor play time.  In this house, that means sunscreen, hats, and bug spray at the ready at all times (especially for Olivia).  Inspired by this awesome Summertime Station, I set out to create my own system in our super small side entry area.
{photo courtesy of Something To Do via Pinterest}

Because my girls are still little, I wanted to keep some items out of reach and some items in a self-serve area.  I put this little metal bucket right next to where we keep the shoes/sandals and it is currently filled with hats and sunglasses.  It's right on the floor for the kids to grab (and return) these items each time they leave the house to head outdoors.  I like it because it puts the responsibility in their court to choose (or remember to grab) the things they want to wear.

The out of reach area was more of a challenge until I found this awesome bucket with a rope handle to hang on the coat rack behind our door.  It's a smaller version (just 12" across) of the buckets we use to organize toys/balls in the garage and is super sturdy.  It's the perfect size for sunscreen, bug spray, garden flip flops for me, and even a towel or two.  And it only cost $2!  (Both of the buckets are from the Target seasonal section.)
{I highly recommend this sunscreen! Continuous spray &, easy & cheap...Target Up & Up Kids spf 50}

Our system is definitely not as pretty as the inspiration photo, but it works for us!  So far (in one week of use), I'd estimate that it has saved me about 50 trips back through the house to find "the essentials."  And yesterday, it helped us get out the door in time to enjoy some summer sun and fun time at the zoo with our super cute friend Finley (who taught Olivia her favorite new trick of giving "knuckles").

Welcome Summer!!!  We can't wait to see what you have in store!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

great idea!! now i'm inspired!

and could those kiddos be any cuter! sounds like a great day!

in our house of girls, we call "knuckles" our big girl pound ;)

Dap Greeting said...

upon my arrival home after work, i was greeted with a round of knuckles. very cute!

southern daze said...

Super cute picture!

Love the idea of having the essentials near the door & in a space where they're responsible for some things. Thinking back I made lots of unnecessary trips looking for the essentials when the girls were small.

Nellie Design said...

Love the sunscreen too! Very inspired by the organizational system... might have to put one in place myself! And LOVE the pic of our little ones! Such a fun day at the zoo with the Stuarts!

Jackie said...

I've been wanting a system for a long time. It seems I always just have to leave the sunscreen on the already cluttered counter!!...that one might work for our not so large entry way too...hmmmm.. thanks for the idea!

but i do love that inspiration pic idea a lot!! someday.... :)

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