Menu Planning via Pinterest

We have been in such a rut!  I have been so sick of making the same food over and over.  And the worst part was that no matter what "old favorite" recipe I made, one or two of the kids loved it and the other wouldn't even touch it (and also wouldn't be quiet about how much they hated it either).  Ugh!

So last week I decided that if I had to listen to kids complain about the dinner I was making, I might as well listen to complaints and try something new...that I might really enjoy!  Crazy right?

I consulted my Pinterest yummy recipes board and this week we tried out the following recipes.
{spinach lasagna rolls via The Girl Who Ate Everything}

{southwestern pizza via the kitchn}

{light corn chowder via Sounds Like Deja Vu}

{grilled cheese reinvented via jana laurene}

There has still been complaining and some nights I still have still made alternate food (like a plain pizza on pizza night), but the grown-ups sure enjoyed every single dinner!
Karen De Jabet said...

Thanks so much for the link! I'm glad you enjoyed the corn chowder. I do so wish I could get the spinach lasagna rolls past my picky eaters!

Michelle Smiles said...

Sounds yummy!

southern daze said...

My belly is rumbling looking at all this yumminess :-)

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