Not a Mud Run girl...

See this sky?  This is how our sky has looked for about a week.  Whether is it raining or not (this pic was actually taken during a "not even close to raining" time period), this is how our sky looks.  And all we want to be is outside! 

This week while Jack has had morning summer school, we have been hiding out indoors and some days it has rained, but others...not so much.  So today I decided to not let the cloudy skies stop me.  The forecast was for light rain, 48% chance (the best so far this week) and skies looked the same as they have all week.

So we drove Jack to class, unloaded the bike trailer stroller and set to walking to EJ's gymnastics class.  About 1/2 mile into our walk it started misting and at about 1-1.5 miles it started pouring!  At that point, I truly had no choice but to keep on going.  I was soaked, but that rain guard worked wonderfully & the girls were barely wet (mostly from the sidewalk kicking up water underneath them).  The walk back was dry and breezy, so I actually was like 75% dry by the time we got back to the car/school.

Just a note though...if you feel self-conscious in an outfit, walking down one of the busiest streets in the city during a downpour might not help the situation.  Or maybe people ignored how I looked and just focused on what an idiot I was to be out in that mess?

Also, if you're going to get stuck in a downpour, it's really nice to bring some friends!
Jackie said...

ok, so let me get this were walking from west to longfellow?? down north ave?? that is a great walk first of all so kudos for that and second of time pack a raincoat, just in case :) esoecially with the week we've had!

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