Reads of the Week

I have been all over the map this week on my reading (I blame having none of my library holds come in for a couple weeks), but I have finished three very interesting (and very different) books this week.

The Wilder Life was a lot of fun.  I honestly haven't read the Little House books since I was Jack's age (and even now I'm not sure how many I actually read...maybe only the one in the big woods?), but this was a quick, interesting, and funny memoir chronicling the author's journey to all the Ingalls homestead sites and also revisiting her own Laura world.  Interestingly enough, Melissa Gilbert's book is on my "to read" list so this was an appropriate lead-in.

Next up is a graphic novel called The Night Bookmobile.  Really intriguing plot and the illustrations really enhanced the story for me (which I get is the idea of a graphic novel, but I don't normally read them, so this was new to me).  Loved it and loved EJ asking me about 50 times as I read why I couldn't read her the book (it looks just like a kid's picture book).  Did anyone read Her Fearful Symmetry?  Thoughts (reviews were pretty mixed)?

Last, a young adult novel I picked up in the new books section of the children's library because it was about baseball (and the cover was cool) called The Girl Who Threw Butterflies.  As I suspected, it is still a little old (plot-wise) for Jack, but it is one I would recommend to any kid who is maybe 10 or older.  And looking it up just now, I found that Mick Cochrane has two novels for grown-ups that look really good too so I'll have to check those out soon.

My reading list keeps growing, but I have to admit that makes me happy beyond explanation!
Jackie said...

I have to admit, finding out that your blogpost is about books used to make me sort of pass it by for the day...but lately I've been at least skimming them to see if anything might possibly intrigue me. I do like to read a book while we are at the lake so I think if I can find one good one for the summer that is HUGE progress for me :) as I'm pretty sure I'm the only human on earth that doesn't like to read...or at least only mom that I know!!

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