Stay Cool Volunteer Gift

Another year of school is ending and that means it's time to say thank you to the wonderful team of volunteers I work with at Jack's school.  Last year I made these desk sets, but this year I decided to focus on our upcoming Summer fun!  Super simple...sand buckets (in school colors of course) filled with ice pops and a cute printable with a note of thanks on the back (I printed on text paper and then backed with red cardstock).  All of the volunteers have kids at school, so I thought this would be a fun treat for the entire family (and maybe earn the moms some quiet time?).

The girls and I left each bucket quietly on doorsteps (except for those couple times a dog or small child busted us), but I couldn't resist getting a shot of all of the buckets before we left on our deliveries.  I am blessed with a large team of volunteers (which is why I went simple this year)!

buckets - michael's
ice pops - mine were from walmart as they had a good deal
printable - eighteen25
Jackie said...

very cute!! (and useful, easy and cheap!!) good work!! again, will you ever let me volunteer for you?! :) Still jealous of last year's gift!

Karri said...

thank you!!! :) :) :)
(from one of those whose dog busted you)

My kids and I are certainly enjoying the pops.

southern daze said...

So fun!

Emily said...

I love how simple and clever and fun this idea is!

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