Summer Fun No. 1, Summer Reading Programs

It probably won't shock anyone that on our first day of summer vacation, we headed to the library to sign up for the summer reading program.  This year Olivia is getting in on the action too and is joining EJ as a listener.  For the big library, they have to track their reading by time (24 hours to finish) and for our local library they have to track books read (Jack has to read 10 and the girls have to listen to 40).

There is also a summer reading program that Jack is doing through Barnes & Noble.  After you read 8 books, you get a free book and in this family, we don't turn down free books darn it!

However the summer reading program he is semi-obsessed with is the Scholastic Summer Challenge.  You enter your minutes each day...on the computer (yes, that is the major selling point in his eyes) and each week they assign you a challenge number of minutes (nothing crazy...this week is 145 minutes, so 20 minutes per day).  If you meet or exceed your goal, you get a prize.  Sometimes it's a badge for your profile, sometimes its something like instructions to make a post-it note paper airplane.  But let me just tell you, whatever it is, Jack thinks it is the best thing in the world!

So far Jack has been reading like a madman and EJ asks me all the time to "read library books."  I love how much they love reading (and to be honest, the reward coupons to area attractions are pretty nice too).
Sadie said...

That's what we did today too! I will have to check out the Scholastic Challenge, hadn't heard of it until now.

Happy Reading!

Karri said...

DUDE! I did not know about B&N or Scholastic! Get out! I am going to hop on those tomorrow. Awesome.

Aidan did Book-It last year (only Mrs. M does this w/ 3rd gr) and so he's very used to having a goal for the month and I challenge him to exceed it and then the goal is adjusted for the next month. So I am continuing it for the summer.

The kids already finished the WPL challenges. lol.

Love the postcard idea -- cute.

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