Summer Fun No. 10, Flowers and Sleepovers

Another thing Grandma S does each year is take the kids shopping for special flowers that are theirs to care for and enjoy (and help to make my deck look pretty too).  This year, Jack and EJ each took a turn shopping with Grandma as well as getting to have their own sleepover at her house.  Livie was too little to do her own shopping but Grandma made sure she got her own flower basket.  We had a solid week of rain (hence the dark photo), but the past few days have been sunny and the kids have made sure they get out the watering can every single day.  My favorite thing is that Olivia insists on watering her flower each time.
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

yay for grandmas!!!

Rose Atkinson said...

What a wonderful idea!!!

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