Summer Fun No. 2, Cereal Box Postcards

I saved the prettier boxes from our recycling pile for the last month for this craft (in fact I even had to rescue them from the recycle bin once) and look at all the pretty postcards we made!  We used a postcard we had received as a template and traced & cut to its size (the official postcard sizing can be found here).  I love all the different designs (ignore all the DC ones okay?) and colors.

Once they were all cut out, Jack got to work drawing on the back to create the addressing side and the writing side (those are the official terms right?).  The girls got right to work creating "letters" (puzzle pieces for EJ spelling help).  I chose to do this craft early in the summer so that the kids (but especially Jack) would have an easy way to send a note off anytime they wish.

-Project idea found at Infarrantly Creative 
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

should huntie be expecting something soon? ;)

Jackie said...

receiving one here made me inspired to try this at our house too...but need to save just a bit more boxes :) I'm far to thrifty in my recycling!!

southern daze said...

I absolutely LOVED my DC version. It made me smile after a long ride home from vacation :-) Thanks for putting a smile in my mailbox!

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