Summer Fun No. 5, Balloon Tennis

Balloon tennis is both a craft and a rainy day activity all in one.  It literally filled our entire (rainy) morning and the kids have been playing with it a lot since that day too.  We used plain paper plates and decorated them with crayons.  Then I glued them to paint stirrer sticks (gotta love free crafting supplies) and blew up a couple different sized balloons.

Jack & EJ played "tennis" together for quite awhile (their record was 55 hits without the balloon hitting the floor) and then they hit it around themselves.  It is much easier to do solo than you would imagine and that made it a great confidence booster for EJ.  Liv played for quite awhile too but never quite got it.  She still loved every second though!

-Project idea found here via Pinterest
Promoter of Paper Plate Crafts said...

such a simple idea yet worked wonders for the kids! And indoor activities on rainy days are good (unlike going for walks).

Jackie said...

this is definitely one of those.."why didn't I think of that" crafts! so easy and fun!!

Karri said...

totally adding this to our 'summer to do' list! lord know we'll have rainy days.

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