Summer Fun No. 8, Traveling with Daddy

Last week Matt was on a business trip in Europe. It was a crazy trip where he was in a different city (sometimes two) each day, so we wanted to do something special to send with him. We made up a bag of his favorite road trip snacks (including the ultimate road trip food in this family...Nutter Butters) and Jack sent him with a copy of James and the Giant Peach (Jack had another copy and they both read it over the time Matt was gone).

We also gave Matt a stack of envelopes labeled with the day.  I asked Jack to write the days of the week on them and as you can see, he went a little overboard (he also became very fond of using puns)!  Inside each envelope was a card from each of us (we each used the same color card for the week, so for example EJ's were all purple) with a drawing or note.  Matt said our notes were really great to read each day and made him feel like he was with us.  I will definitely do this again for trips away from the kids!

On the homefront, we did a few things to help the littles "get" what was going on with Dad while he was gone.  Usually when Matt is on a trip, EJ drives me crazy asking how many days until he comes home.  This time I made a paper chain that we kept on the dining room table.  Each day we took a chain off and EJ counted how many days were left.  She still talked about how long it was until Matt returned, but she had control of the situation.  Instead of asking, she would tell me "Three more days until Daddy comes home."

To see where Daddy was traveling, we used an app called Track My Tour.  Matt created a map that we could "follow" and each time he arrived somewhere new he would create a waypoint through the app.  Then when we logged on we could see where he was now and how far it was from his last stop and from us (really great zoom in and out feature to understand the distance).  We kept it simple but you can add photos and diary-style entries about each waypoint as well.  Basically it was a super cool, high tech way to figure where in the world Matt had landed now!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

love all of this!! specially jacks mad art skillz!!

southern daze said...

What a SUPER cool idea! I'm with T, Jack's art is awesome!!

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