Ten on Tuesday: What's Going On

Just a little random ten on tuesday quickie for you today...

I did the Barre 3 dvd last week (full disclosure is it was on my free on demand exercise channel so I decided to give it a try).  Simple and easy workout but man I was definitely sweating.  I was so sure that I was going to be hurting the next day but it was not as bad as I expected (just a little ab soreness).  I think I'll do it again as I definitely felt like I was building muscles using my own body and it was not super intense or crazy..you know for days that you just don't feel like doing jumping jacks and mountain climbers (in my world that is every day btw)!

This summer the big kids are taking classes but it just didn't work out for Olivia to get to do any (parent/child classes only at that age).  I expected her to be very upset (especially on swim lesson days at the outdoor pool) but she has been pretty good.  That being said, she has to bring her own towel to swim & get wrapped up at the end of class.  She also brings EJ's old dance slippers and wears them the entire time EJ is in class (in the theatre behind closed doors), then changes back when EJ changes into her sandals.

I made this Chocolate Chip Dip (found via Pinterest) last weekend and it was a hit.  Really yummy with graham cracker sticks and mini nilla wafers.

Speaking of Pinterest, I've been trolling it big time for summer salad recipes...green, fruit, pasta...it really doesn't matter what kind, I have been hankering for some yummy salads this summer!  The potluck picnics we've been to always have such great things, but they are also so big that it's impossible to get a recipe.  Anyone have potluck salad favs they'd like to share with me?

Liv is my calmest child but is also the one that is going to get her way anyway she can!  She's the first to steal a toy, hit or cry/scream at her siblings to get what she wants.  Lately she's been doing something new when she doesn't get her way.  She bursts into tears and runs to a corner and buries her head while she sobs.  I cannot wait for the teenage years!

The kids watch The Electric Company all the time.  This means that Jack thinks he can beat-box and all 3 of them now yell "Hey You Guys!" randomly throughout the day.  They must actually be learning too as EJ told her siblings that they needed "to collaborate" on a clean-up effort the other day.  When I asked her where she learned that word, her answer was TEC.  Thank you PBS!

My nephew Miles came to visit last weekend.  I hadn't seen him for a few months and he grew big time!  His red hair got even redder AND super curly...so cute!
He doesn't seem to trust his cousins with the bubble guns...I wouldn't either if I were him!

I guess I must admit that I am embracing the girlie girl lifestyle for my two lovers of all things pink.  Olivia received a couple of the Pretty Pink Purse books for her birthday and they were ruined last week in the rain.  Guess who is replacing them (because they are some of her absolute favorite books) and also buying additional ones for my niece?  What has become of me?

I am not good at math, but I am proud to say that I taught Jack a multiplication concept that he hadn't done before yesterday and was successful.  Also, there were no tears (his or mine)!

I am so proud of EJ!  Everyone in her class gets a sticker at the end of class, but if you do an "amazing job" you get a silly band.  She has come out after every class, shown me her empty wrists and said "That's okay. I'll try again next time."  Today she came flying out of class to show me that she got one!  She was the only kid who got one.  She was awarded for excellent forward rolls but also for following directions (there were time outs given in class...yikes!).  My favorite thing was when she told me she got her "first silly band" and that she couldn't wait to try to get another one in her next class.  Well...my actual favorite thing was this smile!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

that's a lot for a quickie post! so much to comment on, where should i start?

1. love ej's smile and attitude!! {i'm proud of you ej!}
2. i'm proud of you for working out! i remember a time when you said "when do i have time?" and you only had one kidlet, plus a fulltime+ job!
4. miles has grown!!
5. ccdip ... must try!

heather said...

Quick to write...probably not so quick to read! :-)

as for the working out...it's not as much as it should be AND being at home & being able to take advantage of naptime makes a big difference!

and the dip was a hit with everyone! i was just glad to have an occasion to make it for more people so i didn't eat it all! super easy too (jack actually made it with just a little help from me & the kitchenaid mixer).

southern daze said...

EJ's smile warms my heart in a BIG way!

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