Tracking Our Summer

There are 56 days (weekdays) of summer fun ahead of us and this year we're tracking the activities we do and the places we visit.  Jack and I made this chart to not only track the fun but to organize our ideas.

{sorry about the photo quality on this one...our hallway is the worst lighting situation ever!}

We'll add a fish to Jack's awesome pond cutout for each activity we do (color-coded by type) with the date we did it.  Each bucket holds a category tag which lists ideas for things to do (and I'm heading out this week to purchase all the materials we'll need so everything will be on hand).  The dock has the hours and free admission days of some of our favorite places (libraries and museums) and the bait shop sign lists the hours for local splash pads and pools.

Our summer is pretty booked with classes (I had to limit the number of summer school classes Jack could sign up for because he was interested in so many things), lessons (swim & dance), sports, workbooks, library visits and reading, but...the kids love the crafts and fun things we do each summer.  They were so excited to put the chart together this weekend.  I fear it's a tradition I will be doing for the next twenty years!  But it is fun and this year I've really tried to keep things simple. 

I'm also planning to keep the posts simple.  Expect camera phone photos and short verbage with links to tutorials (no need to reinvent the wheel during vacation right?)...and I'll be posting with a one week delay.  So while our summer fun started last Friday, I'll begin the summer posts next Monday (that way I can spend more time having fun and less time at the computer).  Can't wait to share our adventures with you!

P.S.  I'm pretty sure there will be grown-up adventures to post on this summer too.  This momma is not one to stop crafting, reading or watching reality tv...vacation or not!
nora said...

Yes! I think we are even! So hoping I can copy you (and your fabulous crafting activities!!) Happy Summer!

AEK said...

Love this way of keeping track of your fun! Great visual for the kiddos too. No wonder your kids want you to keep doing this.
I "pinned" this, too!

Karri said...

cute idea!!

my kids keep asking why there are not 103 (104? whatever) of summer vacation like phineas and ferb.

Leapfrog and Ladybugs said...

just found your blog and I LOVE this chart... going to make one with my little ones tomorrow... GREAT idea!!!

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