Fav Foto Friday, Smiles

Smiles were all around this week as we had some pretty significant "big deal" things go on around this house!

The first is that Jack got a new big kid bed (which was originally my grandparents' bed).  His room is freshly painted and awaiting being decorated (getting his stuff back in it), but he was able to start sleeping in it again midweek (and was so happy to no longer be stuffed into his sisters' room).

The reason that Jack got a new bed is that Olivia needed his old one!  We're still working out the kinks of the big girl bed (like that fact that you need to stay in it & sleep, not climb over to EJ's bed to chat), but she was certainly happy to see it for the first time!

And my little girl who didn't get anything new out of this deal?  Still smiling...because she has spent the last two weeks at Safety Town each morning and has loved every stinking second!  And because of this experience, we now know that she at least KNOWS the rules of safety even if she is not apt to follow them.

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southern daze said...

All those sweet smiles are making me smile :-)

Proud of All of You! said...

agree - I can't stop smiling while looking at these pics!

Emily said...

Sounds like good reasons to be smiling!

nora said...

Oh it must be catching - the big girl bed thing is crazy at our house. We can now get people to stay in their beds for a while, but we can't get them to stop hiding under them at other times!

Love the smiles!

tracie @ tsj photography said...

love all these super happy smiles!! i think a big congrats is in order for everyone!!

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