Summer Fun No. 13, Paint Bag Writing

My sister-in-law recently commented that finger painting with my 1 year old nephew had been a crazy idea.  I immediately sent her a link for paint bag painting and then I realized that I'd never actually done it with my kids...duh!  So on another rainy morning, I set it up for the girls.  I squirted tempera paint into a gallon-sized Ziploc bag and then spread it out throughout the interior of the bag (as you get most of the air out of the top be sure to seal it up).  Then I secured it to the table with masking tape (yet another reason I love my previously-loved dining room table) and the girls were set to go.

They worked with Q-tips and their fingers drawing letters, shapes and pictures.  I was honestly surprised how long they kept wanting to do "paint" (I think it ended up being about 2 hours).  I'm not sure how long the paint will stay workable inside the bag, but we've been using them over the last week with great results.

-Project idea via Let's Explore
terrie said...

finally summer is here Heather.... great project for the kids on the rainy day! love your blog girl!

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