Summer Fun No. 21, Reading Program No.1 Complete

{This is Jack's mean/tough guy look}

The kids completed our local library's summer reading program and we went to turn in their sheets for prizes.  They got lots of great coupons for activities, events and food (noodles...yay!).  But the thing they were most excited about...tattoos!

{Both girls have been getting lots of sun time- EJ is uber-tan, Liv is still translucent}
Quite the Snarl said...

Don't mess with Jack!

They are all so excited to tell me when they take a trip to the library. Kinda like for Disney for them!

southern daze said...

Jack's "mean" face is adorable (don't tell him I said that). The pic of EJ & Liv's arms together brought tears to my eyes. No matter the difference in the color of their skin they're sisters, through & through.

Miss you!! If you aren't able to make it out here this summer I'm going to have to figure out a way to come see you.

Karri said...

Oh yes - those tattoos were a HUGE hit in our house, as were the pizza hut (ew) coupons and the Noodles ones (big fave).
Jack looks just like his daddy in that pic! Wow!
And I think Norah may be as dark as EJ already. How do I have one kid as translucent as Liv (A) and another as dark as EJ?

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