Summer Fun No. 28, Zoo Bingo

Six cousins are headed to the zoo for Kids Night.  They all love animals...they all are strong-willed...four of them are not contained in a stroller.  Yeah, I didn't like the odds either.  I decided to guide the evening's activities with a little game of zoo bingo (cards found here).  They loved it!

They worked together to find the animals on their cards.  Seriously, no competition, just teamwork...I loved it too!  Oh, and I put Jack in charge of handing out the stickers for found animals, so my work was very minimal on this one!

I thought this photo was funny.  I couldn't even get them to slow down for a pic...too busy comparing which animals they still needed as they rushed away.

I think it was a hit! (and also, aren't my nieces super cute?)
tracie @ tsj photography said...

ohgoodness! look how big they all are!!!

Zoo Chaperone said...

i like how even liv and ev were into it, gripping their cards with enthusiasm. great idea!

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