Summer Fun No. 29, Paint Chip Fans

Not their best photo, but it was hot outside, so I'll give them a break.  It was a super hot day so we made paint chip fans.  Super easy to do...take some of the taller/strip paint sample cards (we went rainbow colors) and punch a hole in the center on the bottom and top of each card.  Stack them together and secure the bottom with a paper fastener.  Then spread the top out and thread yarn through tying a knot at the first and last card and voila...a pretty way to keep cool.

I ended up making one adjustment to make it easier for the little hands of my house to open and close the fans.  I started at one end and knotted the yarn at the top and then worked my way across the fan making a knot at the top of each card.  The fan still closes flat but opens without having to adjust each blade.

So...this is basically a Mom-created project (although my kids hung out to choose the color yarn they wanted used & the order of their cards) but it is a kid-loved end result.  My kids spent all weekend fanning themselves (and others).
Sandy Ploy said...

do you just RAID Home Depot once a week?!?! LOL

heather said...

Yep, there was a point early in the summer when I actually split my paint chip theft between 3 stores cause I felt so guilty taking the free samples!

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