Summer Fun No. 30, Horse Ride

These lucky kids got to spend the afternoon riding a horse a few weeks ago.  Talk about a thrill for my little city mice!  Grandma's friend introduced them to her lovely horse Cheyenne and helped them get the hang of riding.

Thank you to Jill, Grandma, and Daddy for spending your afternoons with Jack and EJ.  I think EJ's face says it all...they had a blast!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

there is nothing more amazing than connecting children with a horse. there's something incredible that happens between the two!

i gotta admit i'm all kinds of shaky and heart racing and even tears at seeing the center and remembering all we put into it ... for this very reason. that every child have the opportunity to experience the magic that happens on horse.

Sandy Ploy said...

How awesome. At first glance, I thought maybe the Stuart clan had gone out to visit the Johnson gang. Very cool.

Jackie said...

Seeing their faces reminded me of last year when my kiddos experienced their first horse ride...the smiles and the truly said it all!! So much fun for them!!

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