Summer Fun No. 32, Bubble Pipes

Steps to Bubble Pipe Fun:
1. Take a paper cup and make a hole near the bottom using a pencil.
2. Cut a straw (1/2 to 2/3 it's original length) and push it through the hole.
3. Put a small amount of dish soap (a half dollar-sized circle) in the cup.  Add a few drops of food coloring if desired.
4. Add water to the cup until the liquid covers the straw opening.
5. You are ready to go.  Blow out through the straw and bubbles will form at the top of the pipe!

Tips for better success than we had with the above formula:
1. Make sure that you make the hole in the cup from the top down.  That way the straw will angle up and you will have less spillage on your kitchen counter.
2. If possible, do the entire process outside.  Do not create the pipes inside and then head out to use them (see tip #1).
3. Do not use food coloring.  It doesn't make that much of a difference except for really messy hands.
4. Do not allow the two-year-old to try one out.  Because no matter how many times you explain to blow out through the straw, she will attempt to drink through it.
5. Have a cup of water on hand (see tip #4).

Luckily for Olivia, her big sister was more than willing to help her enjoy the bubble fun by letting her blow away her creations!

In all honesty, these were kind of pain due to the hiccups we had, but if you made the adjustments I've suggested, I think it would go easily.  I think the best part of the project is that they are made from things you already have on-hand, so low-cost and easy to do anytime.  The kids really enjoyed blowing bubbles and were super mad at me when I wrapped things up (immediately asking when we could make them again). 
What Kid Doesn't Like Bubbles said...

I've never seen this before. Great idea! Those are some impressive bubbles.

AEK said...

I absolutely love the last picture of Liv. Such a great project..will have to pin this one!

Jerelyne Nemanich said...

Used to do this in my prek class and the food coloring was important as we made bubble prints by putting paper on the bubbles.

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