Summer Fun No. 33, Shape Hunt

I have learned that the only way we make it to 6pm swim lessons is if we have a 5pm picnic at the park (where the pool is located).  For some reason my kids (mostly EJ) eat much faster doing it this way.  In fact, so much so that we usually have extra time between dinner and lessons...perfect for a hunt!  This week the kids worked as a team to find shapes in objects around the park.  When they found one, they added a sticker to the chart.

They found pretty obvious shapes (bicycle tire = circle)...

And some not-so-obvious shapes (smooshed pinecone = oval).

They searched everywhere (and it was hot outside)!

The chart was almost filled by swim lesson time (I was surprised they found so many shapes)!  Clearly they had fun too.  Two more weeks...I've got a couple hunts to create.
Summer of Fun said...

Such fun! No wonder they all wanted to "do an activity!!" after our picnic in the park. You set the bar so high!

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