Countdown to School 2011

We did a little countdown to school project last year for quite a few neighborhood kiddos we knew heading to JK (4-year-old half-day kindergarten).  This year it is just EJ and her friend Abbie (and they are going to different schools too) so I did something a little different, but hopefully just as much fun.

Matt teases me constantly about saving toilet paper tubes, so it certainly didn't help for him to arrive home to this pile of supplies on the coffee table (I may have had to put up with a tasteless joke or two).  However, if you are a tube saver like I am, you have almost everything you need!  The only additional supplies are decorative paper, spray adhesive, and goodies to stuff in the tubes.

Cut the decorative paper to fit around the tp tube (mine measured 4.25" x 6") and head outside (or to a well-ventilated area) with the tubes, paper & spray adhesive.  Spray the back of the paper and then wrap it around the tube.  Try to line it up neatly, but don't worry too much about the edges.

I almost forgot that in order to use these tubes for a countdown, you need to label them with numbers.  I gave my trusty assistant some oval labels and he got to work numbering and labeling both sets of tubes (the benefit of big kid company during naptime).

At this point, we were all set to add the swag.  Only having two sets to make definitely meant that the contents were a lot more fun...silly bands, "jeweled" hair bands, stickers, nail polish and sleep masks.  Everything a girl needs to look and feel her best for her first big day!

Fold in the ends on one side of the tube (kind of use your thumb to "dent" one side toward the middle and then do the same from the opposite side) and fill the tube with the goodies.  Then fold in the ends on the other side.

And now, instead of tubes, you've got boxes...filled with help your somewhat nervous kiddo (or is that just EJ?) get ready for the big day.  EJ's are sitting at her place at the dining room table so that she can open one up each day at breakfast.

Abbie's were delivered in a small bag (that looks huge here but is truly only about 4x6") with a little apple note attached to the outside.

I can't wait for them to start opening the pillow boxes and also, to hear all about their adventures at their new (big girl) schools!
{vintage EJ & Abbie dropping off their brothers for 5K, Sept 2009, age 2 1/2}
southern daze said...

What a fun idea! I bet EJ loves opening one each day. There's nothing better than starting the day with opening surprises :-)

Why is she nervous?

beckley said...

um yeah- very cool, but NOT germaphobe friendly!!! I can barely even touch tubes to drop into recycling!

but very cute.
you know, if you're not psycho like me =)

Jackie said...

Abbie is LOVING hers!!! I think it's helping her get more excited! And, by the way...when did these 2 little girlies grow into big girls? Yikes, they look so young here!!!

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