Fav Foto Friday, Summer

Summer is about fun!  And what is more fun that letting a water faucet pour on your head for hours?  Nothing in Liv's world!

For all three of them, swimming at the pool...in the evening...after a picnic is a pretty big deal!  Which is why this photo I asked them to take before they could swim is so forced and awkward.

I think this pic is one of my favorites of the summer though...those chubby baby legs & arms...the butt ruffles...the red hair (that I hope stays with her forever)...love!!!

I'm linking up with Nora...click over for more Fav Foto Friday summer pics!
Karri said...

we've not done evening swim yet! i can't believe it!!!

i am getting sad..watching Livvie grow up right before me. love ej's hair...reminds me of norah!! and when did jack get so tall??!

nora said...

Its the butt ruffles for me too (I almost bought that suit in 3 sizes but couldn't find the big one.) We love swimming at night and haven't done much of it - will be on the list before the end of the summer.

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